Level Playing Field (LPF) was established in 1998 as The National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS).

In March 2011 NADS changed its trading name to Level Playing Field as they feel this name better embraces the social model of disability and their works and projects.

They are the only national registered charity for England and Wales representing disabled fans of all sports together with their personal assistant’s and advocates. LPF engages with stakeholders from across football and other sports and is proud to have a wide membership that demonstrates this critical collaboration.

To ensure meaningful change and the sharing of good practice, Level Playing Field works closely with disabled fans and their groups and associations. In addition, their partnerships and cooperation with football, cricket and rugby clubs and their governing bodies and leagues remains critical along with ongoing works with equality and disability organisations and the various fans groups.

Level Playing Field’s key objectives are;

  • to be a voice for all disabled fans;
  • to promote an inclusive agenda and ensure an equality of experiences for all fans;
  • to enable more disabled people to attend live football and other sporting events;
  • to raise disability and access awareness through football and other sports;
  • to utilise the unique voice of football to raise awareness and improve the situation more widely across our society.


 Contact:  Rachel NIckless (Development Administrator)
 Address:  Level Playing Field, c/o CAFE, Regus House, Herons  WayChester Business Park, Chester CH4 9QRFL
 Tel:  01244 893584
 E-Mail:  info@levelplayingfield.org.uk
 Web Site :  www.levelplayingfield.org.uk


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